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The Cheapest Website Design Ever

At VelmorWeb, INC we understand that sometimes a good web design is not available to everyone, that is why we create CheapWebsiteDesign.net a low-cost company to make websites available to anyone.

We thought an economical and modular package that allows you to add options according to your needs in the future without costing you a lot of money.

Cheap Website Design is a company with more than 5 years of experience operated by Velmorweb, INC based in Miami Beach, Florida.

We are completely sure that you will be satisfied with the quality of the website and how cheap it was.

Our Skills

  • HTML5 80% 80%
  • CSS3 85% 85%
  • Wordpress 90% 90%
  • Talk by Whatsapp all night long and Share memes on FB 100% 100%

Did you know that the most of the 90% of the people will find your business THANKS to your Website in Internet?

Check Out our Package

Web Design Package

Because we know how important it is for you to know what you are going to get and how much you are going to pay; We present our basic web design package, to which you can add more options depending on your needs.

Your website will always be modular, this means that over time you can add features without any complications.

Remember that you can always contact us for any type of question through our contact form.

Cheap Website Design

Extra Options for the package

These extra options can be added to the web design package, now or later thanks to WordPress plugins, add more features to your website and turn it into a money making machine, obtaining more customers, selling more products and reinforcing the image of your company.

Web Design Package

Shoping Cart $500

Turn your site into an online store, sell your products and charge by credit or debit cards directly from your website.

We will install and optimize a shopping cart to boost your business sales.

Web Design Package

Spanish Version $100

Your website will be multilingual and thus not lose any business opportunity with potential Spanish-speaking clients, both from the United States, Spain or Latin America.

Web Design Package

1 Additional Page $60

Do you need an independent page, with other information? or for whatever, add one more page to your website.

Restrictions apply*

Web Design Package

1 Extra Gallery $20

This option is ideal if you want to add more visual information to your site for example: photos of your local, portfolio of your work, etc.

SEO On-Page $150

We will carry out a keyword research to find the niche that best suits your business, with more Google searches, with less competition and we will optimize and apply the best techniques so that your website is more easily found with those keywords.

Mobile Web-APP $150

You have no budget for an App? Your website can also do this function, its installation being much easier because they do not have to go to PlayStore or AppStore to download it, they do it directly from your website and your icon will appear on your clients’ cell phones without complication.

Something Different in Mind?


Cheap does not have to be a bad web design

Here we show you some of our work done and it is our faithful proof that a cheap design does not have to be ugly and much less practical, that is the reason why we are so sure and proud of our designs.

Cheap Website Design

Terra Chat – Chat Online

Website of contacts in Spanish, with general online chat rooms with specific categories.

Web Design Packages

Producciones Adrianza

Event organizing company of Venezuela, project created in August 2019.

Cheap Website Design

Wonderland – Gentlemen’s Club

Adult entertainment club, re-design and transfer to our servers in January 2019.

Web Design Packages

305 DIMAG – Digital Magazine

Digital magazine located at the city of Miami, designed and SEO optimized in 2018

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Cheap Website Design
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